Personal Care

As seniors age, their cognitive skills, mental acuity and motor skills diminish to a point where routine Activities of Daily Living (ADLs); eating, bathing, selecting proper attire, dressing, toileting, transferring (walking) and maintaining continence become too difficult to manage. Other areas that may be affected by diminished skills are Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IDLs); managing finances, transportation, shopping & errands, preparing meals, using communication devices, managing medication and housekeeping. 

Often times, this process of diminishing skills occurs gradually over time, making it difficult for a senior to recognize their quality of life has lessened. If they feel the need for assistance, they seldom ask for help. Primarily because they want to retain their independence and do not want to burden family. They may also fear leaving the comfort of their home in lieu of a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Similarly, those with developmental disabilities may experience the same diminished skills.

Adults with developmental disabilities have complex health issues, many of them differing from those of the general population. Good primary care identifies the particular health issues faced by adults with developmental disabilities to improve their quality of life and to prevent suffering.

Answercare understands that no two patients have the same care needs.  That is why we assess and develop a personalized CarePlan for each care recipient. Our highly skilled staff will implement the CarePlan to ensure the coordination of care is appropriate and comprehensive in scope.

Remarkable Service Drives Our Business 

Through ClearCare, an affiliate of AnswerCare, you will have internet access to our Family Room Portal, allowing you to monitor and control the care your loved one receives with faster scheduling, greater transparency and added quality control. Useful for family management.

It’s forward thinking like this and a desire to provide remarkable service that makes AnswerCare, the premier choice in home care for seniors and those with disabilities. We want to ensure your loved one receives the best care possible.

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