About AnswerCare

Professional Home Healthcare

Guided by our principles of providing quality in-home healthcare, remarkable service and exceptional value, AnswerCare is committed to providing outstanding personal care unmatched by industry standards.

Our team of compassionate, highly trained and licensed caregivers can provide your loved one with quality of life, help them retain their dignity and provide them with peace of mind in knowing their independence will remain intact.

Our Personal Care is not a sitting service. We treat the responsibility of caring for your loved with significance and importance. From the development of a customized client CarePlan to the implementation of care. We will provide exceptional care with professionalism, compassion and respect for those we serve.

Comprehensive CarePlan

No two people are alike. Each care recipient has different physical, emotional and social needs. Whether it be Alzheimer’s care or developmental disabilities care; part-time or full-time care, in-home or ancillary care, AnswerCare can provide the right care at the right place at the right time.

The caring for a senior or a person with developmental disabilities should not be left to chance. For proper care, a CarePlan needs to be developed and implemented to ensure the coordination of care is appropriate and comprehensive in scope. The first step in developing a customized CarePlan is to have our nursing staff assess the needs of both the care recipient and the family. Following the assessment, our Clinical Director will develop a CarePlan and present their recommendations to the care recipient and their family. Once all parties have agreed on the CarePlan, coordination and implementation of the CarePlan will commence.

Together, we will develop a comprehensive CarePlan based on your loved one’s unique physical, emotional and social framework.

You are in Control

AnswerCare will provide flexibility in scheduling to accommodate your needs. Home care at its best!

Family Room Portal

With the need for continuous client monitoring and evaluation, AnswerCare has partnered with ClearCare to incorporate into every CarePlan a system by which we can continuously and seamlessly monitor, report and evaluate on a client’s physical, emotional and social framework via a secure web portal. Access to this web portal is granted to the family of a care recipient for the purpose of monitoring and having control in the care of your loved one. This private web portal is called the Family Room Portal. Our professional caregivers will also record tasks performed during their time spent with your loved one. This is important for tracking client progress, caregiver accountability and accurate care documentation for family records. With faster scheduling, greater transparency and added quality control, the Family Room Portal is what our customers have come to expect from AnswerCare.

Quality Assurance Program

Quality assurance protocol is essential for the delivery and verification of comprehensive quality care. AnswerCare has developed a variety of business practices and procedures designed to guarantee quality of service.


Our team of experienced, highly trained and compassionate caregivers ensure the utmost trustworthy care coordination possible. As professionals, each caregiver is licensed, certified, insured and bonded. More importantly, each caregiver has a genuine desire to care for others and embrace client advocacy. You can see why AnswerCare caregivers rank among the best in the business.


We hope this information has been helpful. We would like an opportunity to further assist you in your home care needs. Please give us a call toll free at 1.855.213.1511 for a free consultation.