No two people are alike. Each patient has different physical, emotional and social needs. 

Whether it be Alzheimer’s care or developmental disabilities care, part-time or full care,in-home or ancillary care, AnswerCare can provide the right care at the right place at the right time.

The caring for a senior or a person with developmental disabilities should not be left to chance. For proper care, a CarePlan needs to be developed and implemented to ensure the coordination of care is appropriate and comprehensive in scope. 

The first step in developing a customized CarePlan is to have our nursing staff assess the needs of both the care recipient and the family. Following the assessment, our Clinical Director will develop a CarePlan and present their recommendations to the care recipient and their family. Once all parties have agreed on the CarePlan, coordination and implementation of the CarePlan will commence.

Together, we will develop a comprehensive CarePlan based on your loved one’s unique physical, emotional and social framework.

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