Quality Control

Quality Assurance


Quality assurance protocol is essential for the delivery and verification of comprehensive quality care. 

AnswerCare has developed a variety of business practices and procedures designed to guarantee quality of service.

AnswerCare employs all of its caregivers.

This enables AnswerCare to manage job responsibilities, training requirements, licensing and certification requirements, business liability inclusion and performance evaluations without compromise.

With the need for continuous client monitoring and evaluation, AnswerCare has partnered with ClearCare to incorporate into every CarePlan a system by which we can continuously and seamlessly monitor, report and evaluate on a client’s physical, emotional and social framework via a secure web portal.

Access to this web portal is granted to the family of a care recipient for the purpose of monitoring and having control in the care your loved one receives.

This private web portal is called the Family Room Portal.

At AnswerCare, we recognize the importance of ongoing training and performance evaluations to ensure quality of care. 

The training sessions and workshops include a variety of topics from client safety to advanced Alzheimer care.

To be considered for employment, an applicant must fully complete and pass our comprehensive background screening process. 

Which include, but are not limited to:

  • Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI)
  • Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV)
  • Abuse Registry verification
  • Comprehensive drug screen
  • Nurse Aide Registry verification
  • Offender Registry verification
  • Attorney General Crime Watch Registry verification
  • Inspector General Compliance Registry verification
  • Federal Agency Registration (SAM)

AnswerCare stands at the pinnacle of quality in home healthcare.

Our tremendous growth, superior reputation and multiple certifications are a testament to the quality, dependability and professionalism we bring to every client.