Winter weather doesn’t have to spoil your senior fitness goals!

The winter season can be an extremely difficult time to keep a routine when it comes to senior fitness and health. Whether it be the snow, rain, wind, or extremely low temperature, walking outside becomes unpleasant for seniors because they lose body heat quickly. 

As we age, our bodies start to slow down. Simple day to day activities may become more challenging. Getting in and out of bed or standing up from a sofa become difficult. These limitations occur due to a decline in flexibility and muscle strength. 

Despite the cold winter, there are still ways to stay active. Without leaving their homes, seniors are able to keep moving no matter the weather! 

In order to maintain one’s physical fitness, seniors are able to do simple and easy exercises in their own homes. Below are some exercises to keep seniors physically active indoors: 


Stretching helps increase muscle control and circulation while improving balance and coordination. Other benefits of stretching include releasing muscle soreness and tension. The risk of injury becomes less while stretching too. 


Yoga helps increase physical mobility and balance. It also boosts mood, decreases blood pressure, improves sleep, and increases flexibility. Yoga is a great stress reliever! Doing yoga is calming, and it relaxes your mind and body.

Strength Training

Seniors lose some muscle strength as they age. Bone fractures and breaks become more common due to loss of bone density. Doing simple weight training can help improve bone health and increase mobility. Lifting light weights is great for regaining lost muscle and improving bone density. Exercises that encourage strength, balance, and flexibility can help prevent the risk of falls too.

Senior Fitness Apps

Seniors have unlimited access to a wide variety of workouts and classes either on their phones or computers. If seniors feel uncomfortable accessing apps, they are able to go on YouTube and watch exercise videos of their choosing. There are many workouts with simple instructions designed to help older adults reach their fitness goals. 

It is recommended that seniors get an average of 30 minutes of exercise a day. It’s also beneficial to create a routine with a time that works best for the individual. Once senior fitness becomes a routine, it is easier to remain consistent with it. 

Exercise can significantly improve an individual’s quality of life, no matter the age. AnswerCare’s mission is to enable older adults to enjoy happy, healthy, and active lifestyles in the comfort of home. Contact us at 855.213.1511 to learn how our home care services in Canton and the surrounding areas can help keep a senior loved one moving and enjoying life.