Transportation Services

Safe & Reliable Transportation For Seniors on the Move

AnswerCare’s reliable transportation services are the perfect solution to help older adults and other individuals who don’t drive, get to their appointments safely and on time. Additionally, our trained care staff can attend the appointment with your loved one in order to take notes and relay information as requested to family members and/or friends. By taking notes, medical appointments are more efficient and there’s no need to worry that information was missed or misunderstood. 

Let us help get you to where you need to go, with accompaniment to places such as:

  • Medical or dental appointments
  • Physical therapy appointments
  • Grocery shopping or other errands
  • Pharmacy
  • Hair salon or barber
  • Social outings with friends
  • Religious services
  • And more

In addition to providing accompanied transportation, our caregiver team is also able to help prepare clients for their appointments, including gathering necessary paperwork and attending to personal care needs such as bathing and dressing. To learn more about how to find a Canton caregiver or senior care provider in one of the nearby communities, reach out to us today at 855.213.1511.