About AnswerCare

The Need for Home Healthcare

As seniors age, their cognitive skills, mental acuity and motor skills diminish to a point where routine Activities of Daily Living (ADLs); eating, bathing, selecting proper attire, dressing, toileting, transferring (walking) and maintaining continence become to difficult to manage.

Other areas that may be affected by diminished skills are Instrumental Activites of Daily Living (IDLs); managing finances, transportation, shopping & errands, preparing meals, using communication devices, managing medication and housekeeping.

Often times, this process of diminishing skills occurs gradually over time making it difficult for them to recognize their quality of life has lessened greatly. If they feel the need for assistance, they seldom ask a family members for help. This stems from their wanting to hold on to what dignity and independence they have left and the desire not to burden their family. They may also fear the thought of  leaving the comfort of their home in lieu of a nursing home or assisted living facility. Thus, they endure and suffer.

When it comes to non-medical healthcare for seniors, many options exist. The three most common choices are, nursing homes, assisted living facilities and home healthcare. The question is, how does one choose?

Let’s take a closer look at the factors affecting your decision.

Quality of Care

For non-medical healthcare, home healthcare provides the very best quality of care.

  • Personal and individual care
    • The very best care available is one on one care. Only home healthcare can deliver that level of coverage.
  • Independence
    • Home healthcare services allow seniors to remain in their homes. Providing familiarity, comfort and a sense of independence. 
  • Flexibility
    • Whether your care needs are for two hours a week or twenty-four hours per day, home healthcare can accommodate your needs. In most cases, home healthcare can also provide short-notice adjustments to a care schedule. 

With home healthcare, you are providing your loved one with the best non-medical care available today. The care can be personalized and customized to meet your loved one’s needs. 

If home healthcare is your preferred choice for senior care, and knowing that many home healthcare agencies exist, you are again faced with a question of choice. Which home healthcare agency is right for me and my loved one?

Why AnswerCare?

At AnswerCare, we  provide a full range of home healthcare services to meet you and your loved ones needs.

Our Goals for your loved one:

  • Provide outstanding personal care unmatched by industry standards
  • Provide comprehensive care – physical, emotional and social framework
  • Provide the joy of independence
  • Provide a safe and secure environment
  • Provide comfort and respect
  • Provide a warm hand and companionship
  • Provide interaction with dignity, grace and compassion
  • Engage in meaningful social interaction
  • Provide a life full of joy
  • Provide “Quality of Life”
  • Become a “trusted friend”

Our goals for you the family:

  • Always place your loved one’s care paramount
  • Provide “peace of mind”
  • Provide complete satisfaction
  • Be dependable and exemplary
  • Experience worry-free healthcare
  • Alleviate stress over your loved one’s care
  • Provide respite

As you can see, we at AnswerCare have set the bar high. Would you want it any other way?

Through our experience as a company coupled with our outstanding caregivers, we are more than capable of meeting each and every goal. Our expectations and results will not fall short of our goal. That is our promise to you.

Our team of compassionate, highly trained and licensed caregivers can renew your loved one’s quality of life, help them retain their dignity and provide them with peace of mind of knowing their independence will remain intact. We view the responsibility of caring for your loved with significance and importance. From the development of a customized CarePlan to the implementation of care, we respect and appreciate the opportunity to care for your loved.

Our team of caregivers is carefully chosen and possesses a true desire to care for others.

Assessments and ‘CarePlan’

No two people are the same. Each care recipient has different care needs. Whether it be personal care, dementia care, post-hospital recovery care or respite care; part-time or full-time care, in-home care or ancillary care at an assisted living facility or nursing home, AnswerCare can provide the right care at the right place at the right time.

The caring for a senior should not be left to chance. To properly care of a senior, a ‘CarePlan’ needs to be developed and implemented to ensure the coordination of care is appropriate and comprehensive in scope.

The first aspect of developing a customized ‘CarePlan’ for your loved one is to assess needs. Both yours and your loved ones. Our Clinical Director will perform an on-site assessment of your loved one and a subsequent discussion with family to develop a ‘CarePlan’ that will address your loved one’s needs and frequency of care. 

Immediately following the assessment, our Clinical Director will make recommendation for care and seek family input. We encourage families to participation in this process of discovery and planning. Together, we will develop a proper ‘CarePlan’ based on your loved one’s unique physical, emotional and social framework. In this way, we can meet the needs of your loved one and provide you with full control of the ‘CarePlan’.

Home healthcare of an individual is a constantly changing situation. In that, it requires constant monitoring and adjustment of the ‘CarePlan’ to meet the ever changing physical, emotional and social framework of the individual being cared for. Our team of professionals are well trained to recognize and adapt to change accordingly.  

You are in Control

AnswerCare will not dictate the care schedule. We will accommodate your schedule and provide flexibility in scheduling to accommodate your needs. It is our job to adjust to your schedule and to see to it that your loved one remain comfortable at all times. Home healthcare at its best!